I am moving and joining Holtzman Hunter-Moffatt LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants

I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the firm of Holtzman Hunter-Moffatt LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, effective February 1, 2020, at Suite 102, 150 Chippewa Road. 


Most importantly, I want to assure you that you will continue to receive reliable and timely accounting services in the years ahead.  I am not retiring now, and I do not expect to retire for a number of years.  I will continue to be directly involved with all of my current clients. The challenges of running a small office combined with my increasing age have led me to the decision to join HHM.

Holtzman Hunter-Moffatt LLP is a progressive firm that provides high-quality accounting, taxation and financial services to individuals and corporate clients. 

I believe that Zack Holtzman, CPA, CA, Scott Hunter-Moffatt, CPA, CGA, and Gordon Gee, CPA, CA, have a high degree of expertise in accounting with an emphasis on small business and their tax needs.  They also have a highly knowledgeable team including four additional CPAs and experienced technicians and bookkeepers.

My son, Eric Mulder will also be joining Holtzman Hunter-Moffatt and will also be able to continue to provide you with similar IT work as in the past.

I value the trust you have placed in me in the past and look forward to continuing to provide you with reliable, timely, honest and efficient quality accounting services,  now as part of a larger team at HHM.