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Bert Mulder has been a practicing accountant in the province of Alberta for over 30 years. Find out why clients like you put so much trust in this European-born professional’s approach to timely and prompt accounting services. You’ll be surprised how easy your part is.

About Bert Mulder

Establishing mutual trust from the outset is the key to a healthy and long-lasting business relationship. Bert Mulder learned a long time ago that longevity is the real benchmark of success in this business.

Originally from the Netherlands where at a young age he assisted his father with carpentry work and occasionally lent a hand to the local milkman, Bert Mulder and his family moved to Alberta in 1976. Directly out of high school, he got on board with H & R Block where Bert gained the foundations of his accounting education and learned the basics of tax returns.

One of the last professionals to complete the Accredited Public Accountant’s (merged in 1983 with the Certified General Accountants) exam in Alberta, he worked as an accounting technician for a firm in Sherwood Park, only to take ownership of it alongside a business partner in 1983. When that partnership dissolved in 1987, Bert continued the practice on his own.

Our office is nearly paperless. It saves our clients a lot of headaches and makes things easier for us too.

In the early years of his sole proprietorship practice, Bert considered branching out into the personal financial planning field. He passed the required Alberta Life Insurance and Canadian Investment Funds examinations.

With a one-on-one approach to client relationships, Bert has established the kind of business that keeps clients around. Once you see how little input is required on your end, it’s easy to understand why so many trust Bert and stay with him for years. You choose your level of involvement. Don’t want to hear the gritty details every day? You don’t have to. Looking to keep your finger on the pulse at all times? That’s okay, too.

The small mom-and-pop type businesses are the mainstay of Bert’s practice. And as these businesses cannot generally afford to hire onsite staff for their periodic bookkeeping, Bert offers what may be called ‘part-time controllership,’ for lack of a better term, where his firm either comes to your office, or you take all your source documents to his office, and everything gets done, inclusive of writing (or rather printing) the cheques. In addition, he can even do your invoicing for you.

He knows how important deadlines are, and takes pride in ensuring you meet them every time.

Due to a lack of office space at this previous office, Bert developed a system that eliminated much of the paperwork. Unlike the typical office which produces and keeps hoards of paperwork, all your files are digitalized, which also makes for better security in case of disaster. No paper is generated to simply stick in a file cabinet. As his client, you can also choose to receive all your copies in electronic format. In addition, it saves a tree or two

Clients find that we end up caring more about their deadlines than they do. But I think that kind of attention is necessary when people are entrusting me with such a crucial task.

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