Printing in a paper-free tax office?

by Cameron on Monday, December 10, 2012 9:00 AM

How much do you still need to print in today’s tax office? Most returns are efiled. Clients often prefer email. You keep PDFs rather paper files.

What place does printing still have? And, what should TaxCycle do about it?

In the paper-free office, we think you’ll end up printing less frequently, and probably for archive purposes. The most-likely scenario would be for the occasional client who still asks for a paper copy.

With this in mind, here’s how we’re tackling TaxCycle printing.

Integrated into the workspace

TaxCycle’s index Print view makes printing part of your regular work. It’s right next to your forms, so if you spot a change, you can fix it—no backtracking make last-minute changes. And, it helps you catch errors before you print.

Print includes PDF options

In today’s tax office, printing goes beyond ink on paper. It’s about producing a final copy for someone else to look at, whether PDF or paper. That’s why we’ve included generating Adobe® and DoxCycle PDF files as possible outputs.

Easily tweak printer options

We don’t think you should have to click down through printer dialog boxes to set simple options like 4-per-page and duplex printing. Change them on the fly. If you’re printer supports the option, one click shows it right there on screen.

Unlimited print jobs

Create as many print jobs as you need. No limits. Just copy an existing job. Then, add or remove forms, point the job to a printer and tray (output like PDF and file location) and give it a name that makes sense to you.

Easy one-time changes

TaxCycle decides which forms to print based on what’s used in the return and what’s set in for the print job. All forms in the job show in the list with those that will be printed checked off. Check or uncheck to make one-off changes. A little asterisk marks any exceptions and clicking on it makes it easy to revert.

Batch printing is passé?

We think that batch printing is less important in today’s tax practice than in used and that preparers are still using it because they don’t want to press print and then wait to go onto other work.  TaxCycle prints everything in the background, when you’re done reviewing a return, send it to print and go on with your work.

What place does printing have in your office?

We’d like to challenge you to rethink your printing strategy. If you weren’t limited by your current tax software, what your process be?

Are you batch printing because you’ve always done it? Are you jumping through hoops to set and modify enough print jobs? Does current tax software makes hard to do what you want to? Do you even need to print at all anymore?

We want to know. Drop us a line and tell us your story.