DoxCycle gets you ready for uploading PDF supporting documents to the CRA

by Elizabeth on Monday, December 03, 2012 2:08 PM

Are you ready to upload supporting documents to the CRA in PDF format? The CRA is currently exploring electronic options to make it easier for you to send them supporting documentation, and you should too!

Don’t get caught with piles of paper to scan later, start now by using DoxCycle this tax season.

The CRA recently launched a service that allows taxpayers and their authorized representatives to submit supporting documentation electronically for the T2 returns. The plan is to extend this service to T1 returns, possibly as early as next spring.

Don’t wait until next spring to scan your clients’ documents. Do it as you prepare their returns this tax season. That way, you’re ready when the requests come in.

Here are seven good reasons why:

  1. DoxCycle takes the hard work out of organizing those receipts and slips. With generic PDF scanning software, you’ll have to sort and organize them yourself.
  2. DoxCycle creates a single PDF to hold all supporting documents for each taxpayer or family, so you won’t get bogged down sifting through multiple PDF files. And, with F4 Fast Find in DoxCycle, you can quickly find the one you need when you need it.
  3. DoxCycle’s PDF format is readable by standard PDF programs like Adobe Reader. Your clients don’t need any special software if you send them a copy, and neither does the CRA.
  4. DoxCycle works with any TWAIN-compliant scanner and also with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners, so you can use the scanner you have on your desk right now.
  5. DoxCycle does the hard work of sorting and organizing common slips and tax forms. Preparing a couple or family return? Add as many taxpayers as you need to the PDF. For non-standard documents like spreadsheets, receipts, multi-page statements or even hand-written notes, use the Classification Assistant to quickly name, group and sort pages.
  6. DoxCycle can save a copy of your TaxCycle T1 return right back into its PDF. A printable copy for your clients, and an archive of your TaxCycle file for you. Next year, it’s easy to find everything you need because it’s all in one place. (And, if you’re using ProFile® professional tax software, DoxCycle integrates with it too!)
  7. DoxCycle already lets you email or print just the few pages you need. As we move toward the T1 service, we’ll add ways to help you quickly and easily send them to the CRA’s service.

Download a trial of DoxCycle today and see for yourself.