All Members of the Profession Must Benefit

CGA Ontario continues to support the concept of unification of the accounting profession under the right circumstances.


What does that mean, and to recap, why did CGA Ontario opt out of discussions? We left because we believed that no deal is better than a bad deal.

 November 27, 2012

And why did we think it was a bad deal? There were several key issues that we believe belong in a fair unification agreement. An agreement to unify the accounting profession must include enforceable commitments regarding the protection of all members’ rights into the future, reflecting the notion that a unified body will represent all of its members equally.


If the ICAO leadership is interested in discussing how we might resolve these issues for the benefit of allmembers in Ontario, we remain open to meaningful discussions.


In the meantime, we continue to advocate for CGAs and grow our membership from a healthy, strong base.


We will continue to monitor developments in the profession and will be guided by our members’ best interests for today and for the future.