DoxCycle version 7.0.32479.0—Add cross-reference links, Filter menu, Add documents to the classifier

I really value my association with Trilogy Software.  I have been working with Colan from Trilogy on these software improvements since last tax season, and it is great to see them in a full release now.  My association with Trilogy is almost like having custom made sofware.  I intend to use Doxcycle in such a way that it will replace PDFlyer, a product licensed by Wolters Kluwer (CCH).  Congratulations, Colan, for getting in almost all the features we discussed!
See the Trilogy website:

By Elizabeth (Trilogy Software) on 11/16/2017

This release adds new customer-requested features to DoxCycle, including a way to add cross-reference links between pages in the same file. In beta mode, we’re also including the ability to add documents to modify the behaviour of the automatic classifier.

This version is available as an automatic update, as a full download from our website, and a free trial.

Who should install this release?

Please update to this release to get familiar with the latest new features in DoxCycle.

Release highlights

  • Updated DoxCycle colours and installer
  • New!—DoxCycle for T3, T4/T4A and T5
  • In beta—Add documents to the classifier
  • New!—Filter menu
  • New!—Cross-reference links
  • Enhancements to source document options
  • Customer-requested fixes and enhancements

Updated DoxCycle colours and installer

This release refreshes the DoxCycle interface with bolder colours. The deeper green improves contrast, in particular with white on dark colours. The redesigned DoxCycle setup program also sports the new colours. This installer also requires fewer clicks and supports silent and passive installs.

DoxCycle installer

New!—DoxCycle for T3, T4/T4A and T5

This release adds support for linking DoxCycle to TaxCycle T3, TaxCycle T4/T4A and TaxCycle T5 files.

DoxCycle T3, T4, T4A, T5

In beta—Add documents to the classifier

DoxCycle automatically classifies many types of documents. It analyses the contents of the document to determine which type to assign, matching the document against the criteria set when DoxCycle is installed. You can now also “teach” DoxCycle to classify almost any type of document you import or scan in your office. Assign the type in the sidebar, and then right-click on the document in the index to add it to the classifier.

Adding documents to the classifier is very powerful, but can also have unintended consequences for automatic classification. We strongly encourage you to review Add documents to classifier help topic for a detailed explanation of the risks and tips on how to build a reliable classification using this feature.

As this feature is still in beta, we’d love get your thoughts on it. Please send your feedback to

New!—Cross-reference links

You can add cross-reference links within a DoxCycle PDF:

  1. On the Review menu, click on Link to pick up the tool.
  2. Open the page where you want to add the first reference point and click once on the page.
  3. Go to the page where you want to place the other reference point and click once to add it.
  4. References are numbered pairs. For example, 1a and 1b, or 2a and 2b.
  5. To jump between the two reference points, click the arrow on the right of one of the reference points.
  6. To delete a reference pair, hover over one of the reference points and click the delete button. This deletes both points.

cross reference links

New!—Filter menu

The Filter menu helps you filter a file to show only pages in the document index that match the selected criteria. Use these filters to speed up the review process.

  1. Click the Filter menu. All the items on this menu affect filtering the index. Click on a filter to apply it to the index.
  2. Numbers below or beside each filter type indicate how many pages in the file match that type.
  3. Click Clear all filters, to reset and view all items in the index.

Enhancements to source document options

In response to customer feedback, the layout of options related to source documents has changed:

  1. The field to create new document types now appears at the top of the list of all document types.
  2. The blue box that displays properties now shows the name of the currently selected document type.
  3. There is a new field to classify documents based on the file name.

Customer-requested fixes and enhancements

  • The data extraction box is now better positioned in the DoxCycle window. (Response to suggestion in our online community.)
  • When scanning a multi-page document into a T2 DoxCycle file, the pages are no longer in the wrong order.