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General Full Service Accounting

Bert’s firm can meet all your accounting needs. From bookkeeping, GST return
preparation though preparation of financial statements, and compilation or
review engagement, he can manage it all. In addition – to finish it off – he’ll prepare the required
corporate and personal income tax returns.

Bert has chosen to dedicate his strengths to ‘Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises,’ as opposed to ‘International Financial Reporting Standards,’ because his clientele all work in the private sector.

Hospitality Industry

“Lots of money can be made very quickly in the hospitality industry. But that money
can be lost even quicker without the right internal controls,” says Bert.

Through his longstanding relationships with clients in this challenging industry, Bert
has learned that the key to success is managing very strict internal controls. You
can’t afford to have your profits walking out the kitchen door, which is
unfortunately the case with many businesses in this sector.

Construction Industry

Dealing with all the time-consuming factors that come with managing a construction
business – generating payroll for employees and contractors, billing for jobs,
and writing estimates for new work – may be causing other parts of your
business to fall short. Bert offers a completely “worry-free” approach to
construction accounting services. Just provide him with the essential financial
information from your business and let him take care of the rest. Your part is
as simple as it gets.

Professional Practice

Do you own a law firm? Medical practice? Or any other private business that
requires the kind of financial services that lets the owners focus on their
work, and not get wrapped up managing their funds? Let Bert deal with the
particulars. You concentrate on your business operations and ensure clients are
getting your full attention and expertise. Put your efforts where they count
the most.

Oilfield Service Contractors

Are you spending more time on the road than at home? Do you have very little time to deal with
your finances? This is where Bert’s firm can take the stress off you. He can
manage your personal and business taxes while you stay focused on landing
contracts and maybe even getting a little down time at home. “Worry-free” only works
when you know your money is in good hands.

Part Time Controllership

If your company is such that you do not have the work for a full time administrative position,
Bert’s firm is well equipped to do the day to day work for you, from invoicing
your customers to recording you sales, bills and expenses, to doing your
payroll and writing the cheques for your suppliers. This can either be done at
your place of business or at Bert’s office.
Moreover, to finish it off, he can do your GST returns, financial
statements and tax returns.

US Personal Taxation

This is Bert’s special niche. He started his career learning the basics of US taxation procedures and hasn’t lost any of that knowledge over the years he’s been practicing. You can trust
him to get it done right the first time. US citizens are obligated to file
returns with the IRS, as well as report their foreign bank and investment
accounts annually. Moreover, the IRS is clamping down on any expatriates who
have not been filing their US returns. Don’t miss out on breaks you’re entitled
to – and avoid any potential issues with the Canada Revenue Agency (or the

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